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Founded in 2018 by Liz White, a passionate, personable, and welcoming instructor who has been in the fitness industry for most of her life, Bow Valley CrossFit started with the simple mission of wanting to help others reach their health and wellness goals. Liz has created a way to share her knowledge and pass on her insatiable passion for fitness; showing her members how they can custom-adjust a routine to perfectly suit their body shape, size, fitness level, and personal targets.

Founded on the premise that fitness is not simply a destination, but a journey, Bow Valley CrossFit aims to arm its members with the tools to not only exist, but to excel, in their physical pursuits and everyday activities – inside, but also outside of the gym.

Banff is the perfect location. We aim to give our clients the confidence, know-how and physical awareness to thrive within the Rocky Mountain environment; to live a healthy lifestyle and become stronger at the activities they are passionate about. For Liz this was Mountain Biking but for others it may be skiing, hiking or any other pastime.

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