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Anchoring Habits

What is Anchoring Habits?

The idea of Anchoring Habits is simple. It is the act of adding habits to something that is already routine for you. The best example I know of Anchoring Habits comes from the dentist. The dentist wants us to brush our teeth. The dentist also wants us to floss our teeth. When we are told to do this at the same time we are anchoring habits.

Healthy Habits.

A healthy lifestyle is made of healthy daily habits. When it comes to our nutrition, anchoring habits is the key to success.

When we prep and prepare our healthy foods. It makes it easier to choose healthy option more often. Anchoring grocery shopping to prepping vegetables for the week. Making larger portions of meals to have left overs. Batching cooking one day a week while binge watching you favorite shows. All of these are examples of Anchoring our habits to health promoting tasks.

Why it this Works?

As humans we naturally take the easiest route to food (most of the time). This doesn’t mean we are lazy. But on the days we work all day. Do a great workout. Along with all of the other daily tasks that need to get done we can end up tired. The last thing some of us would want to do it prepare a healthy meal. When we are prepared with easy healthy options from Anchoring Habits. It is a no brainer to choose the option we have set up for ourselves.

Creating these habits is not easy it takes practice and commitment. “If it was easy everyone would be doing it.” The classic quote always runs through my mind when something that benefits my health seems like a lot of work.

Building these healthy habits is the work we are going to put in together in nutrition coaching. We want to show you there are simply ways to grow and sustain these habits. Eventually they can become second nature to you. If you are interested in sitting down and talking about your nutrition please send us an email at [email protected] or click the link below. Would love to hear from you.

Thank you again for your time and as always,

Healthy Regards



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