Even Coach needs a Coach

We recently hired more coaches at BVC, and that means that I now have the pleasure of working out in a class with our members and other coaches.

In a workout a few weeks ago, I was partnering with Coach Grace (who we all know is crazy strong). The workout involved wallballs and the RX (prescribed) weight for the ladies was 14lbs. I assumed that Grace had grabbed us that med ball while I was setting up the barbell.

The workout started and Grace was first to do her wallballs. I was feeling good as I was about to begin and I headed over to start mine. 2…3…4 wallballs in and I started to feel more tired than I felt was normal. What was going on? Maybe working out at 6am really wasn’t my jam? Why was this ball feeling heavier than usual? It was only as I let the ball come crashing to the ground that I realized it was in fact a 16lb ball. I look over at Grace, who acknowledging my pain, just smiled and carried on.

My initial instinct was to go and grab a 14lb ball but then I thought, no, if Grace is doing it, so should I!

The thing is; I believe in the value of having a Coach. I began my career ten years ago as a Perosnal Trainer and have loved helping to motivate and encourage others. I maintain that everyone can benefit from having a coach….even the coach themselves.

Sometimes we need a little push, that voice in our ear telling us that we can push a little harder, lift a little more weight or choose a heavier med ball.

Having run the gym solo for the first 8 months of business, I’m stoked to once again be surrounded by other coaches who can help me become the fittest version of myself.

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