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Lean bodies are not created in the gym alone

Harsh reality.

For some people it is a harsh reality that working-out does not automatically translate to weight-loss. There have been people training in the gym 5 hours a week, for years, that have not lost a single pound because of the choices they make during the other 163 hours of the week.

You see, nutrition is the base of the wellness pyramid and we cannot build a tall and functional structure if we do not have a solid base. Nutrition can seem complicated, there’s Paleo and Keto and Zone Diets and whatever this months ‘fad’ diet may be, but in my opinion, there is one simple rule that people must follow…….eat real food. If 80% of the time you shop the perimeter of the grocery store, you’ll be on the right track.

I understand the struggle; I love food! All food. It’s a tough reality as I also understand the ins and outs of good nutrition. I appreciate what makes me happy in life and sometimes that is eating things that are not necessarily improving my body’s well-being. The key phrase in that sentence being, SOMETIMES. If I ate all of the foods that I love, all of the time, then I would be doing myself an injustice. The time that I spend in the gym would be going to waste as I wouldn’t be fueling my body correctly to optimize the results. Over the years I have managed to find a healthy balance that allows me to maintain an appropriate weight and function well inside and outside of the gym.

Where to start?

With so much information out there, how do you get started in the journey to clean up your diet? My goal as a coach is to help you with your health and wellness (which combines fitness and nutrition) and by no means am I a Registered Dietitian but here are some pointers that may help.

  • Start by logging your food (MyFitnessPal is a great app). Quite often when we see what we are eating written down it will shock us as to how much or how little we are consuming.
  • Take note of what % of your calories are coming from fats/protein and carbs. Ideally, we want to make that around: 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% healthy fats
  • Look at your list of foods over the week and note which foods are processed. Try to think of ways that you can replace these foods with healthy and whole foods.
  • Eat breakfast…..every day.
  • Drink 80 ounces of water…..every day.
  • Cut back on alcohol consumption, or switch to a lower calorie option
  • Bring other people in your household on board, it’s easier when you have other people to make good choices with.
  • Plan ahead. Planning your weekly meals in advance will help you to avoid making bad choices when you are rushed.
  • Make it fun; try new recipes, spices and herbs.

We can help you.

At the completion of our last 28 Day Challenge, it was not surprising for me to hear from many participants that they realized they were not eating enough. For real! Your body needs fuel, especially if you are going to the gym, it cannot live off air alone. Our next challenge starts on January 21st and this time you will sign up with a partner so that you have someone to be accountable with. This is not a fad diet. We saw some amazing results from our last participants who stuck with the plan and implemented the suggested changes. Our goal is to create lasting lifestyle changes, not 28 days of positive habits followed by 28 days reversing that outcome.


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