Words from Monica

“What I gained the most from this challenge was that my energy went through the roof. I went from waking up sluggish in the mornings and needing tons of coffee to just waking up and go go go! (Mental fogginess : gone) I noticed that my energy level was maintained throughout the day so no ups and downs, no yawns.

I’ve also gained so much confidence from it. I feel comfortable now with the way my body moves and looks. When I turned 40 last September as I blew the candles on my birthday cake I made the wish to be 40, fit and fabulous! CrossFit plus the 28 day nutrition challenge has helped me achieve that.

I will keep doing the challenge for another month. I’ve enjoyed it so much! My workouts have improved so much since I started eating healthy. I want to see how far I can go.

It was overall a very empowering experience and I highly recommend it. Some days were really challenging both physically and mentally but perseverance does really pay off in the end.”

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