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Be Curious. Be Kind. Be Honest

Being Curious.

This is where is all starts. The why. The why of everything. Why do we do that, why does that person act that way? Why do I feel this way, why cant I change? Why is it so hard?

There are always questions running through our brains. Every day, all day. We are curious beings by nature. For hundreds of years humans have been asking why. Discovering new things and places. For the most part these question are always external of ourselves. The questions are rarely internally.

In my nutrition coaching I am going to ask everyone to be very curious with themselves. Start examining themselves in a very different way. Asking ourselves questions about our behaviour. To think about our daily actions. Wonder about our moods and how they came to be. What we are feeling and what that really feels like. And how we are reacting to situations that we are dealt with.

Our mind body connection is one of our greatest gifts. But so few of us are really able to tune into it. I still struggle daily to find this connection. When it comes to our eating behaviour we need to really start paying attention. What are we eating? Why did we choose this food? How much are we eating? Were we actually hungry? Are we bored? Did we just walk by the fridge and open it without thinking? How many times have you found yourself in front of the TV or driving your car snacking. All of a sudden your at the bottom of the bag. Then your up and getting more cause it was gone too quick. And was the snack even that good? What did it taste like? Mindless eating.

We are going to work together to slow our body down and use our brains when reaching for foods. Stop and think. Am I hungry? Did something just upset me and now I am reaching for food? Do I have nothing to do so I am going to fill this time with a snack. What does this food taste like? Am I enjoying it? What do I like about it?

Being curious with ourselves and our behaviour is one of the biggest tools we can use. We will work together to figure out what your eating behaviour are. And what might be causing the ones that might be unhealthy.

Being Kind.

This is the heart of the centre. This is where the growth comes from. If we can be curious with ourselves. Ask the hard questions. And these questions can have some hard answers. We have to be kind. Us asking ourselves hard questions is doing hard work. This work is growth. We have to remember that we are human and we behave as such.

Being kind to ourselves is a positive seed. We plant these seeds of kindness in ourselves and watch them grow. When we look at our behaviours it is easy to be negative towards ourselves. Especially with something as personal as food. We need to be kind. Positive feeling creates positive thoughts. Positive thoughts become positive actions. And these positive actions turn into our successes.

This is what we are here for. The positive successes. When we start to look at our behaviours we need to be kind to ourselves. We cant do this work without kindness.

Being Honest.

After we are curious. And then we are kind. We then need to be honest. Being honest and realistic with ourselves is crucial step towards our goal. Really examining what the possibilities are. What we are possible of. Can we commit to something? Is it the right path? Will it work for us? Is it the right time?

Health is a life long commitment. And taking steps towards a healthy life is great. We just need to make sure that the steps we choose are ones that will work for you. We need to be honest in what we are capable of. And know what works for one person may not work for you.

Lets say you were to set a goal of a six pack in four months. That goal could requires you to be in the gym an hour and half a day, six days a week. Restrict your calories to 2000 a day. Your a single parent who is a little over wight. You have three kids that you are home schooling right now. And you work evenings to pay the bills. Do you think you would be being honest with yourself in setting this goal in this time frame? The answer from this nutrition coach would be no!

Honesty is the pillar to this program. We have to be honest with ourselves to set us up for success. We need to set realistic goals. With realistic time frames. Nothing changes over night.

Be Curious. Be Kind. Be Honest.

When we put all these steps together we can create a plan for our goals. These steps can be used for so much of our every day lives. Not just when it comes to our physical health. If there is something that is triggering you in your life. Or a reoccurring issue at work or home. Stop and use these three steps. Be curious about the situation. Be kind about the situation. And then be honest about it. It is amazing what you can discover about life when you slow down connect our body to our minds.

As always everyone, thank you for your time. If you want to come in and have a free consultation about your nutrition with me, please contact me at [email protected] or click the link below.

As always

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