Jamie Pasemko – Bow Valley CrossFit Nutrition Coach

 “I have been an athlete for my whole life, and being active was always something I enjoyed. As I became older, working out challenged and pushed me mentally and physically to explore my self-perseverance, determination and competitiveness. I also started to grow as a person through fitness, it developed my self-confidence, urge to try new things, and desire to want to be a better version of myself.

I have played on multiple provincial teams, been a part of the soccer National Training Camp in Edmonton, and completed five years as a varsity athlete for the University of Alberta Pandas soccer team, where I was team captain for two years.

This is how I became interested in nutrition; I wanted to continue to help my body and mind grow to its full potential. I saw tremendous progress mentally and physically in my lifestyle and habits, that continue to enhance my life everyday.

I chose a job in the fitness industry because fitness did so much more for me then help me become a better athlete, it changed who I was as a person in an extremely positive way, and I want to help as many people as possible be able to achieve the same success I did. “

We are excited to have Jamie join our team of fitness professionals to help enhance the lives of our members, and the community of Banff.

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