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I’m not at my fittest…..and that’s ok!

As we get back into the gym and back to regular workouts….as opposed to 100’s of burpees in our lounge rooms, I have been reflecting on my current fitness level. I’m not where I was at 3-months ago and it would be really easy to let that get me down. The truth be told, I have struggled with depression through the gym closure and some days it was a struggle to get out of bed, let alone workout. The only way that I can describe it is heartbreak. Heartbreak for a business that I had worked tirelessly to get it to a point that I thought we could actually make-it long term. Heartbreak as I watched the cancellations roll in and everything we had work towards, as a team, slip away. It was hard to imagine going back to the early days of struggle and uncertainty.

One thing was always clear though, we had come too far to give-up. The community needed us and we needed them.

As a result of this struggle, my fitness has dwindled to a point that I could potentially be extremely discouraged. However, if I let those thoughts rule my actions then I will miss out on something I truly love. I’ve always been one of the lucky ones that actually enjoys working out and especially in a group setting. Right now it’s time to be kind to myself, mentally and physically and be confident in the fact that I know I can return to my original fitness level with patience and commitment. I urge you to do the same; listen to your body, ease back into your workouts and be proud of yourself for making it through this unprecedented time.


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