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One Easy Way to Improve Mindfulness While Eating


The topic of mindfulness is being discussed more frequently in regards to so many aspects of our everyday lives.  This is not some passing trend, becoming more mindful is the first step to take when you want to make any change or improvement in your life, including your nutrition!


It’s very easy to say “I’m going to become more mindful of what I eat”, but what exactly does that mean? You will have a much higher likelihood of success if you put a little action with your intentions. Here is one easy way that you can start becoming more mindful with your nutrition today:


The Table Rule– This means that for anything that you eat, you must be sitting at a table (ideally with no electronics or other distractions) and your food must be on a plate or in a bowl.


This practice works to help you slow down and really focus on the food that you are eating.  It does not tell you what to eat, merely where to eat.  Whether you are working to improve your nighttime snacking habits, learning to stop eating when you are full, or simply trying not to eat “by accident”, the table rule is a great first step to achieving these goals!

Try this today and see what you can learn about your own eating habits.

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