Sweet Potato Oat Bars

I am all about convenient foods. The easier they are for us to make and bring with us. The easier it is to make those …

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Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet may be another diet trend you may have heard of. It seems pretty self explanatory. Eating only foods that can be …

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Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush is one of my all time favorite dips! It is dairy free, gluten free, plant based and delish. It is commonly done by …

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Mediterranean Diet

What Is It? The Mediterranean Diet is not a diet per say but an eating pattern. It is based off of the style of eating …

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Quinoa Falafels

Falafels are one of my favorite foods. They are packed with flavor and go with everything. They can be put in wraps, on top of …

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I am sure by now everyone has heard of “going Keto”. It has been probably one of the most popular diet trends in the last …

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Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting? Fasting is one of the oldest documented practices in history. It was used as a Religious practice and also as a …

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B 12 Cobalamin, The “Red Vitamin”

What is B12? B12 was discovered in 1948. It was the last vitamin to be discovered. It is a large complex vitamin similar physically to …

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Anchoring Habits

What is Anchoring Habits? The idea of Anchoring Habits is simple. It is the act of adding habits to something that is already routine for …

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Be Curious. Be Kind. Be Honest

Being Curious. This is where is all starts. The why. The why of everything. Why do we do that, why does that person act that …

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